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So you’ve tried everything in the book when it comes to finding love? You’ve let your friends set you up on dates, tried an endless amount of dating apps, and have always kept an open mind. More specifically have you ever used crystals to find love?

Love Doesn’t Always Make Sense

That’s right, it’s time to delete those dating apps from your phone and try something new. But how do you go about doing this? Read this article to learn how to use crystals to find love.

Select the Right Crystal

Depending on what type of love you’re looking for, you first need to select the right crystal. Let’s take a look at what crystals are best for different love scenarios:

1. Rose Quartz: If you’re looking to heal a heartbreak, then rose quartz is the crystal for you.

Think of it as a band-aid for your heart that will help you release any emotional baggage from previous lovers.

2. Malachite: Malachite is considered a balancing crystal and it is great for anyone who is looking to prepare for their true love. It has been known to recharge your soul so it can be open for love again.

3. Green Jade: Ready to put it all on the line and get back into the dating game? If so, then green jade will be your stone of choice. A harmonious crystal, green jade basically serves as your go-to wingman.

4. Amazonite: Maybe you aren’t looking for love, but instead, think you’ve already found that special someone.

If this is the case, you’ll want the amazonite crystal by your side to help you maintain that love.

Prepare the Crystals

Once you’ve selected the right crystals, it’s time for the preparation. First, cleanse them by placing them in salt water. This helps to reenergize them and make sure they retain their original quality.

Placing them under the sun or under a full moon is also an option. Next, you need to program your crystals. You can do this by holding each stone in your hand while meditating.

Time for Healing

Once they are cleansed and programmed, lay on your bed and place the crystals on and around your body. You rest for 20 minutes in this position, allowing enough time for the crystals to do their work.

You never know what you’re getting into when you fall in love, but that doesn’t mean you avoid the jump.~Crystal Cestari

And remember, everyone’s reaction to the crystals are different.

How to Use Crystals to Find Love: Wrap Up

You may be moved to tears, you may feel an urge to smile or giggle, or you may feel that it’s best to remain silent and concentrated.

Whatever your reaction is, allow it to happen so you can stay open to the crystal’s powers. Now that you know how to use crystals to find love, it’s time to start the healing process.

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