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Have you entered a room and sensed a bad vibe only to have that gut feeling validated moments later? If so, it’s possible that you’ve been gifted psychic powers.

How to Test Your Psychic Powers?

But, how do you really know whether or not you possess the coveted gift of psychic powers? By testing yourself through aura reading.

Auras consist of seven layers, each of which emits unique sounds, vibrations, and colors that reveal a plethora of information.

They communicate information about your past, present, and future, as well as your current physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

While auras surround all living things, very few people are able to sense and read them.

Among the few are those with psychic powers, spiritual healers, and young children.

Psychic Kids: Spiritual Guidance

It is believed that young children are frequently able to identify colors within an aura they sense around them.

Proof of this can be found in the various colors children use to depict certain people in their lives when drawing or coloring.

Even though their color selection seems to be an unconscious choice, children are acutely aware of the energy and vibrations around them.

Psychic Powers: How can they be Developed?

The ability to read a person’s aura and see them for who they truly are is one of the first steps to developing psychic powers.

But like most learned skills, if you don’t practice enough it becomes harder to maintain.

You should spend less time sensing the energy around you and more time on your daily responsibilities.

Reading auras and exploring the personal meanings they hold is the definitive way to test your psychic powers.

Before you tackle this test, you should familiarize yourself with the definitions of each color in the aura spectrum.

What is Your Aura Color?


These colors are emotionally charged while deeper hues of red indicate the presence of willpower, perseverance, and survival.

Vivid red to bright pink hues communicate passion, energy, and love.

Muddier hues of red spectrum indicate more negative characteristics — dishonesty, immaturity, and rage.


An orange aura is closely associated with emotional feelings.

This spectrum typically communicates productivity, creativity, good health, and excitement.

Orange hues may reflect higher stress levels, repressed emotions, or lack of ambition.


Sensing yellow hues often indicates the possession of psychic powers and spiritual awareness.

Brighter hues signify the presence of control issues or power struggles, and darker gold-tinted shades communicate stress.

Gold hues, however, speak to spiritual enlightenment and possession of inner peace.

Psychic EnergyHow to Feel the Positive Vibes


Green hues are associated with nature, growth, and creativity.

Emerald green hues reflect positive qualities like kindness, communication, and healing.

While darker, forest green hues reveal jealousy, insecurity, and victimization.


Peacefulness, clarity, deep spirituality, and compassion are usually associated with the blue spectrum.

Blue auras may radiate from healers or spiritual beings who have achieved inner peace and calmness.


Violet is the most sensitive of the aura colors. It’s often associated with those who truly possess psychic powers.

Those emitting this may be described as visionary, imaginative, or magical.


White hues are most closely associated with purity, truth, and angelic qualities.

However, if they appear muddled, they may also indicate illness.

Black hues capture and transform energy, indicating pent-up emotions, and hypercritical tendencies.


If you come across a brown aura, you might want to walk the other way immediately.

Those who possess hues of brown in their aura typically hold onto and radiate negative energy.

Keep these descriptions in the front of your mind as you begin to test your psychic abilities through an aura reading.

As you walk through life each day, take a moment and focus on the energy and glow that the people around you radiate.

Describe to yourself how each unique aura looks and feels, and over time you will successfully hone your psychic powers.

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