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Does the perfect boyfriend exist? Like a woman finding the perfect pair of shoes or a man finding the perfect man cave. Most times these mythical ideas just aren’t achievable.
But let’s imagine for a minute say that a woman could go all Weird Science and construct the perfect boyfriend.
What would women want? What are we all looking for? It’s simple, we’re looking for perfection.

Are you Looking for the Perfect Boyfriend

Let’s start with the perfect boyfriend physique or body. It’s not all about what the man wants when it comes to physique.
Sometimes it’s all about what the woman wants. A great body can lead to more energy, feeling healthier, and even build confidence.
Women see perfection in a man who takes care of his body and personal appearance. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why so many movies have shirtless men. Women want to see muscles.

Love at First Sight

They want a man that will turn heads when he’s walking down the street. There’s something to be said when other people do a double take at the man who’s holding your arm.

A thin waist, lean muscles, and some broad shoulders can win over many women. But building the right body physique means you can look just as good in a suit and tie as you do shirtless on a beach.

Let’s look at some famous Hollywood actors for reference. The newest bond actor, Daniel Craig, has been photographed several times over with his shirt both on and off.

To Look Good is to Feel Good

Other famous men with great physiques are Joe Manganiello (from True Blood), Channing Tatum (and several of the other Magic Mike crew), and LL Cool J (NCIS). These famous actors draw women in with their natural sex appeal and overall good looks.

To build the perfect boyfriend many people suggest working on gaining muscle mass. Losing fat will come as you build muscle.
It’s never good to be out of proportion while you bulk up though.

Find a good exercise routine that will work for all the different muscle groups, evening out where you are building up muscle groups. This way you don’t end up with skinny arms or a waist that looks larger than your shoulders.

Set goals and strict routines and stick with it. Create a balance of aerobics, diet, flexibility training, and weight or strength training to achieve just the right look.

Looks Do Matter!

When People say “looks don’t matter” they are LYING!!! Woman are naturally attracted to good-looking men.

Many people are attracted to symmetrical features, a strong jawline, a deep voice, and a good head of hair.

Women are not generally attracted to men with feminine-looking features. They usually aren’t sexually attracted to men with high feminine-sounding voices.

A woman will say they are your friend and be sweet, but they are on the lookout for a manly man.

What about height? Most women want a man that is taller than themselves, usually in the tall category (six feet or above), although this doesn’t stop Tom Cruise fans.

The Boy Next Door Look

On the other hand, women are also attracted to the boy next door look as well. Just for fun let’s take Prince Harry’s hair, Ben Cohen’s body type, and Keanu Reeves’ arms.

The image you get isn’t a muscle bound hunk. Instead, it’s a softer, toned image. Well rounded, more down to Earth and not overly intimidating to walk up and talk to.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Don’t have the perfect body type? Don’t count yourself out of the game just yet. Physique is just one component of attraction.
Another area that can help round out the perfect boyfriend is self-esteem and confidence.

Confidence not Cockiness

Ask Ben Affleck fans. He walks around filled with confidence. No woman wants to be with a man who doesn’t have a positive sense of his own worth.

Success is often connected to physique and self-esteem. Being motivated and having higher self-esteem is something that draws other people to you. How many times have you heard the word “trophy wife”?

Women look for the rich and powerful. They want a confident man with high self-esteem, who knows what he wants.

Security and Stability

Who doesn’t want a rich, popular man? Someone you know can provide for you and your family.
Money and status play a huge role in what a woman really wants. Women need to know that you will be a provider and not a taker.

Takers, no matter how sexy they are, will get boring really fast.

If you aren’t rich and powerful be dependable, like Adam Sandler in the movie 50 First Dates. Along with dependability, most women want to know they are secure both financially and physically.

This also goes back to self-confidence and being able to back up your actions and take care of business. Most likely, if you are able to offer these things than a woman knows you are responsible.

Women don’t want a man who’s going to run out at the first sign of trouble. Women want to know you have their back, even when their wrong- which let’s face it, is never!

Respect, Class, and Etiquette

A man needs to approach life and his woman with respect and good manners. Want to earn some extra brownie points, respect your parents as well.

This doesn’t mean that women are looking for a mama’s boy. A man that can love and respect his parents is a man that will love and respect his own family. This is a huge turn on to most women making you the ideal candidate for her perfect boyfriend.

Look at the Big Brain on Brad

Women are attracted to smart men who can hold their own in an intelligent conversation. We need to know that when it comes time to decision making, that you will make an intelligent teammate.

There Needs to be Communication

Communication and reasoning are important when trying to assess the needs of each other’s point of view. Remember to add value to the conversation.

Personality and Emotional Investment

What’s the perfect boyfriend personality? Taking any “what’s your perfect mate” survey will ask you to answer this question. Women are looking for the perfect boyfriend to be witty and humorous.

There is something sexy about the way Will Ferrell can make anyone laugh. On the other hand, it’s a huge turn off when a man is overly arrogant or stand-offish. Don’t get me wrong, a little arrogance can go a long way towards sexy.

You have to Find that Line Between too Much and just Right.

Along with a great personality, women also want a man who is attentive and will listen. There are plenty of times that women just need to talk, believe me, I’ve been there.

We Just Want to be Heard

It’s really attractive to have a man that will listen and be able to respond to anything mid-conversation. A bit of advice, stop looking at our boobs and pay attention to what we’re actually saying. If you show us you’re all in, it turns up the level of attraction.

Loyalty and Monogamy

If you are going to jump into a relationship, be committed to the relationship. Dating is one thing, but when push comes to shove, if you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, keep your promises.

Flirting around and giving your attention to someone else is insulting. Show her that she is the one and that you are there for her and her alone.
I love seeing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith together. They have lasted longer than most Hollywood couples.

Looking for a Little Romance

Women are looking for a man that will make them feel special. We’re women, it doesn’t matter what we said, we want the bells and whistle.
We want to know that you can make us glow just by taking us to a surprise dinner or by bringing us a special gift.

Chivalry is Not Dead

It is important that we want to spend time with you and look forward to whatever encounter is to come next. In addition, there’s something to be said about chivalry.

Go Ahead and Try It. Open the Door

Pull out her chair and off to fix things that are broken in her apartment. Unless, we offer to go dutch, pick up the check at dinner.
Random tidbit: Hugh Jackman is reported to be among the most chivalrous people in Australia.

Sexual Appeal and Physical Intimacy

This is the icing on the cake! Everyone is looking for that someone that they can jump into bed with and share those intimate moments. But for heaven’s sake men, make sure you take care of yourselves. There’s a lot to be said about personal hygiene.

Sloppy is Not Sexy

If you’re going to have us over, clean your space! Sexual appeal and attraction vary from person to person, but with these qualities, you can jump up on the hotness meter! When in doubt check out the raw sex appeal of Brad Pitt.

The Perfect Man: A Modern Day Frankenstein

Here is my recipe for the perfect boyfriend. Start with Joe Manganiello’s body, the symmetrical facial features of Zac Efron, the confidence of Ben Affleck and Adam Sandler’s sense of humor.

Add some intelligence from Robert Redford and the loyalty of Will Smith. Lastly, sprinkle in some chivalry from Hugh Jackman and top it all off with the pure sexual energy of Brad Pitt.

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