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Are you tired of searching for your soulmate? Tired of investing time, money and energy into relationships filled with strife, unhappiness and a lack of fulfillment. Sometimes we just have to trust our intuition and just go for it!

According to the US Census Bureau, the average female is divorced before age 30. By age 38, the average person has gone through 2 divorces.

How Do We Avoid Becoming Another Statistic?

For many of us, we’ve already been through that heartache. And we’re looking for that soulmate we know is out there for us.

At this point, we’re thinking “It’s complicated to find my soulmate — like a needle in a haystack.”

But when we connect with our intuition we learn to listen to our body, mind, & emotions on a much deeper level.

We trust our intuition and let it guide us.

In this article, we’ll answer the question: How do I find my soulmate through intuition?

Intuition: In the Face of Societal Criticism

Today’s society doesn’t exactly encourage us to trust ourselves, or our bodies when they’re giving us vital information.

So, many of us have learned to shut down that vital part of ourselves in an attempt to fit into society’s mold.

The problem comes when our intuition is screaming alarm bells or “go for it!” bells and we confuse its message, or simply ignore it.

Intuition: Vital Communication

There are many different claims, but the general agreement is that less than 10% of communication is verbal. This means that our energetic communication accounts for a significant part of communication, along with body language.

Has your heart ever raced when you’ve been around a manipulative person? Have your muscles ever tensed when you’re around a certain person?

This is our bodies’ loving communication to protect us.

Our bodies can also tell us when we’re safe to be open and vulnerable.

This is Where I Find my Soulmate

I look for that special person who allows me to relax and be myself.

I want my soulmate to make me laugh & lose myself and all concept of time.

Intuition: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

My physical intuition has gotten me out of some unsafe situations and has guided me into some beautiful and soul supporting situations.

I listen to my body whenever physical signals arise, advising me that I am falling out of alignment with my authentic self, my true self that is divine love.

Passion Cuts Both Ways

Anger warns us of a boundary violation, while fear is here to protect us from harm, and sadness can be a great source of letting go of things that no longer serve us.

We can sometimes confuse warning signs and don’t want to believe what we already know.

I know that my rapid heartbeat could mean “danger!” or it could mean I have found my soul connection.

One way to tell the difference is to get quiet and go within to seek spiritual guidance.

I’m Ready to Find My Soulmate

Another option is to seek professional guidance. If you’re struggling to read your intuition, we’re here to offer support and advice on “how to find my soulmate with intuition.”

Check us out and let us help you find your perfect cosmic connection!

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